The Event Horizon Revamped!

Once again, flush out all the stuff about the Event Horizon from your hardisk!

For every particle that enters the black hole, some events on it’s world-line, is always the last event that makes into my movie of the history of the Universe.

Assuming that I'm floating in space far away from the black hole.

This final batch of events for all objects that enter that dark blob, taken together, is called The Event Horizon of the Black Hole!

This horizon is not just a spherical surface in space. It’s not a shroud that covers a deadly celestial body! (I’ll tell you why Black Holes are deadly for mortals in a future post…) It’s a surface in Space-Time!

It represents the last set of event to which you can even assign a “When”.

It is the boundary marking the limits of a black hole.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff!!!