Ever bought something and then later asked yourself... Why did I buy this?
We over here at MyCOLORS, know why!

It's because that's the color frequency you were in, on that day.

Perhaps once you've picked up an item, and later said to yourself ..."but I don't even like Yellow...Why did I buy this?"  

At the time you were shopping, you were in need of the vibration and the healing effects of that color. In these cases, you don't have to discard it...

just file it away for the next yellow day, yellow month, or yellow year when you will be in need of it again.

There's no need to hold on to things that don't spark joy (#monkari method), but it is a good idea to hold on to items with varying colors in the spectrum so that you can fill those same energetic needs the next time they come up.

And as sure as the sun will rise...that color will come up again in your calendar... always repeating, always in perfect time for you.

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