Every BODY, is different.

There is no problem with your body. 

The problem is the mind. The mind you have is given you by society(school,family,government, media). It is through this mind that you view your body. Your body is unique, your mind was designed to be unique as well, but due to the way civilization evolved it has been molded to be a certain way.

You may have unhealthy dietary habits, but your body is fine the way it is. It is what it is.

So what am I saying? 

I am saying, the real work is not accomplished in the body, it is in the mind. You are here to "improve" yourself in some way...but why? Why can you not see? 

You know about genetic diversity, you know that no BODY is the same. Why do you want to look like the other? Do you see....the root, the reason why you are here is because of the comparing, judging mind?

If you were meditative, if you sit, do nothing, be alert, aware, sitting quietly in non-doing. This is meditation, doing nothing, not thinking or dreaming, or atral projecting....You let the mind go. This allows you to see. To see reality as it it is, not as your mind is interpreting. The societal mind is a judging, comparing mind....it is not you, this is why you must drop it through meditation, through non-doing.

If you do not change your mind, no body will satisfy you. If you cannot see your body for what it is, accept it without judgement, merely observe in full awareness, in full acceptance, all your efforts in exercise will be useless.

Life is not about fitness or health, it is not about counting macros and sets, its not about one rep max or the curve of your physique. Life is a mystery to be experienced, a play to be enjoyed. We must take our health seriously, but we must not become serious about our health. Seriousness is dis-ease. You are not at ease, you are not relaxed when you are serious. When you are serious you are tight, closed, blinded and aggressive. 

Accept the BODY you have, accept the mind you have. Remember that you are merely the observer, of your thoughts, of your body, of the world. You are not those things. From this understanding, you can take a different approach, you can re-approach your life. 

Your focus has shifted from changing the body through action to changing your mind through non-doing. 

Why...I dont want to change my mind...i want to lose 20 pounds...I need to exercise....

Eventually......but you dont furnish a house before the walls are up.

The foundation of your life must first be addressed. The foundation of your life is your BEING....not your mind, not your body, not your social status. From your being all doing eminates. When you are right, your thought will be right, your action will be right. 

BEING-> Subconscious mind-> Conscious mind-> Body

First the foundation of being must be addressed, then the subconscious mind, then the conscious mind and then the body can be...will be changed.

The general approach to Health and Fitness today doesn't take into account that we are human.....which is much more than a body...human life is a thousand petal flower. To focus on the body only is to miss life.

You don't want to miss life in the quest to lose 20 pounds.


The CHC Reset, Transcendental Training, Mucus Free Eating, a Definite CHIef AIM, and CHC Health Habits...these are the tools I will give you, teach you how to use and coach you to mastery of yourself. 

Change of your body, must start with change of mind. Understanding the mind is the wall, you will drop it. Sit under a tree, just look, touch, embrace nature...simply don't verbalize..vocally or mentally. Dont allow the mind to come between you and life...be directly and immediately related,connected to life, to your family, to your body.

Don't believe, the mind is projecting falsities onto your body. Your body is fine, through the CHC process your body becomes healthier, lighter, more beautiful as a natural by-product of dropping the mind, changing the approach you have to life, to seeing. Remember, mind is projecting...it is interpretting...this is merely an interpetation, not the facts. Love is the fact, harmony is the facts, the interconnection of reality, this is the only fact.

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