Every game needs a test dummy!
There you go. Setting up a test dummy to program a few basic actions and start to set up interactions with the terrain.

I think I'll call him John... as John Doe.

John here is a Mixamo Fuse character. We won't be using him in the final version, due to many aspects, but we gotta say that there are some pretty nice assets to work with around. The thing is, we can't settle for other people's assets dued to rules and regulations, so, we really gotta learn from the best those small details and go from there. Honestly, we always did 2D and this project would be alot easier in 2D, but we believe that opening this door with 3D will allow for the game to have a better future for the players, either visually, as functionally.

We can start small and become endless. We are doing our best. We really hope for the day things come in light and see what other people outside our social group thinks about the concept. (We know, but it's always great to see a smile!) ;)

Go Johnny go! Go!