every ones adventure is not the same
The other day i was asked how much money dose it cost to live full time in a rv . Well that depends on you . Me im 51 i am not retired yet so i do not get a check so i saved a rainy day fund  this is important . You the old saying when it rains it pours . So better to have something to fall back on . So i found a 3000 dollar 1990 toyota which has treated me well you don't have to get a million dollar bus  to be happy but if you rich why not you cant take it with you when your journey on this planet is over  Rv parks can run 125 plus elc to 1000 or more a month depends were you are at . But that is where boon docking helps alot and you can explore them on freecampsites.net  this is a great site to explore . I have a generator and solar  so i dry camp alot what is dry camping you ask it is when you fill your water tanks take all your supplies you will need and camp in a free camping spot with no hookups .sometimes they have vault toilets witch is a fancy out house lol but it dose the trick. Now this is important LEAVE NO TRACE the agency's that supply these free camp sites do not have to so leave your site  better than you found it so others can enjoy these wonderful wonders of the wild for years to come pack it in pack it out . .     Well   thats all for today's post will continyou in my next post happy trails all and thank you for stopping bye