Every Patreon Starts Somewhere
(those are strawberries I'm growing in my backyard, doge and cat pics will be here don't you worry)

I'm excited and nervous to start my patreon. For awhile now I've been told by people that they would like to help me out in some way and I just didn't know really how to go about it! But since you're here and reading this--welcome to my Patreon. I carefully wrote out exactly my plans on the patreon page so there's not much else to really say other than welcome! :) Even if you do not do a pledge I am extremely fortunate that you are a loyal fan and take the time to look at what I have to say.

And to the future or present Patreon supporters: look forward to cat and dog pictures. Possibly pictures of me and non-animal pictures but I can't imagine that will be frequent. XD
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