Everything and a Happy Ending, by Tia Shurina

Heartbreak and life struggles aren’t always easy to write about.  However, it can be a cathartic experience for some. That’s kind of what  this narrative felt like.

The author uses a very mature, very reflective and pensive approach  to her narration. Struggles with divorce, unhappiness, and unfulfilling  love are all overarching themes. There’s a very zen overture to her  descriptions and allusions. The whole thing feels like a spiritual  experience to the reader. It’s very well-written and described. There’s  some cool tonal changes that mix things up, like taking on that of a  playwright.

There were some convoluted areas where the description sometimes went  a little too over the top dramatic. The author was setting things up  for a big reveal, but instead sold things short when I realized I wasn’t  100% sure what was still being talked about. Sometimes ideas and  paragraphs worked in reverse order. Or they trailed off and moved to  another idea without fully completing a previous one.

If you like emotional memoirs and things of that nature, this one  will be right up your ally. The subject matter is an easily identifiable  one, and the way the author approaches it makes things relatable as  well. There’s a lot of good teaching moments for both reader and author  alike. Definitely a different kind of headspace that I think quite a few  people would benefit from.

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