everything bagel

This is not intended as another mommy blog to give you a pass for your dirty floors; you don't need me (or anyone for that matter) to tell you it's okay to not live up to the unrealistic expectations set for us by money machines. These are just some of my personal experiences and some of the life hacks I've used along the way to make it through this thing we all take just a little too seriously.

From the quickest, cheapest homemade holiday treats that will make your friends think you actually bake things to DIY super hero wardrobes for your little girl who refuses to conform to society's expectations of "girl stuff" and "boy stuff" (or is that just MY daughter?)... I may not have momming figured out any more than the rest of you, but what I do know is that life is just a whole lot more fun when you can spend your time and money on things that are actually important (like frozen yogurt dates) instead of being spent on things to make people think your life is better than everyone else's. Hint: We're all failing a bit; Or maybe we're all kind of winning!

Coming Soon:

How to not fight with you kid at lunch time (every.single.day): A short list of easy (healthy-ish) snacks that are fun for everyone!

DIY Project: Turn a bookshelf in to a princess wardrobe in a day! (or in my case, somewhere to hang all the capes and masks)

Childcare costs in the US: Is it REALLY worth it?