Everything is Going According to Plan—The Book
Six months ago I started publishing my weekly blog posts behind a paywall.  Over the intervening months I have accumulated well over a thousand  subscribers, most of whom pledge the minimum $1 per month. After all the  fees (PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, etc., plus 5% for Patreon's service), this nets me just 77 cents. This rather minimal amount has had some  wonderful effects. First, I no longer have to fight off trolls and filter spam from the comments. Second, the quality of the comments, which are now hidden behind the paywall, has improved greatly and now make very interesting reading, often as interesting as the blog posts  themselves. Third, even this little bit of extra income has given me some needed breathing space, allowing me to devote more time to writing  longer, more detailed, better researched weekly articles. The result is that over the past six months I have written over 300 printed pages, which I am now bringing out in paper book form. I hope that this book  will please all those who have balked at making a monthly pledge but  won't balk at buying a paper book.


At present the book is only available through CreateSpace, which works well within the US and hardly at all for foreign orders. If you are outside the US, please wait a couple of days, until it becomes available worldwide on Amazon. Thank you for your support.

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