Everything now set!
The campaign is now very much live, and just a short post about what you can expect from me, should you decide to support me!

For the low price of $3 you get access to all my patron-only content. This will eventually include a monthly ringtone, but for the time being, I will be updating on the progress of whatever the current composition project is. You also receive a personal thank you on my twitch page, and are able to connect with all other patrons. You also get a special role in my discord sever to further enable you to get advance news about my projects and streams.

For $5,you also get access to free downloads of every track I release, a full 3 days in advance of it going live (for sale) on Bandcamp!

For $10 I will also put your name on the credits of every track, and also on an acknowledgements page in every score.

If there is anything else you would like me to consider offering as rewards, please do let me know, and thank you for considering supporting my work in this way.

When I reach 10 patrons I will also begin releasing a monthly ringtone for all patrons, regardless of tier level as a thank you for your continued support!