Everything changed when the marxist anime twitter arrived
Since my last Patreon update 4 days ago, mastodon has been discovered by lots of cool people, and both load on the site and feedback numbers have exploded. Here are the updates since: 
  • Added desktop notifications
  • When clicking reply on mobile layout, it switches you to the text input
  • Performance improvements for notifications
  • Statuses generally cached in the API to take some load off the database
  • Option to not show your posts on the public timeline (this is not the same as them being private or inaccessible to random people, and it doesn't federate, so it's called "unlisted mode")
  • E-mail notifications turned off by default
  • Posts can be marked as NSFW to display a black spoiler over their media content (this doesn't federate yet because Atom does not have an element for communicating a concept like "NSFW")
  • Original filenames on uploads are now obfuscated (thanks to a PR )
  • French translation (thanks to a PR)
  • Posts that even just passingly mention blocked users are now filtered
  • Option to block notifications from people who aren't following you
  • Option to block notifications from people you aren't following
  • Neo4J and "who to follow" suggestions removed due to technical reasons
  • Follow/unfollow button moved outside of dropdown, block option added to status dropdown
  • Center header image in the profile column in the UI
  • Posts are now distributed only to followers who signed on in the last 2 weeks. New cron job to clear out timelines of people who were inactive for longer than 2 weeks from Redis. This makes post distribution much faster, while people who come back after all simply trigger a regeneration of their timelines.

And finally, the most important update:

"Publish" has been renamed to "toot"

We also somehow hit my living expenses goal and even overshot it by quite a lot, which is good because I've been very conservative in my living expenses estimates and now I could actually pay rent and food and hosting of mastodon.social which is FANTASTIC thank you to everyone who's making it possible and I hope to not disappoint you!

Of course I hope that the site will keep getting more popular, and this gives me some buffer to purchase more servers as required to scale up.