The office smelled like wet dog when I got in today. Dave was waiting for me in the lobby with the most awkward grin on his face. I walked up to him and he was kinda bouncing. I think he was too full of excitement for his own good. "Whats up?" I asked him. "I have something amazing to show you!" he said, "It’s in my office." I followed Dave up to the accounting department and found the leftovers of the cheese fight had been (mostly) cleaned up. There were still stains on the metal surfaces from cheese, but it wasn't that bad. As I followed Dave to his office, the scent of wet dog grew stronger. His office door was closed and as he came close, a wild noise came bursting from the room. He opened the door and a massive dog came flying out and tackled him. Startled, I jumped backwards. I absolutely despise large dogs (I'm a bulldog guy myself) but Dave seemed so happy that he had a new friend. "Where'd you get him?" I asked. "I found him on the street with a paper tied to his neck that said this dog is not lost. He is evil. Take him if you want him." I asked. "Why is the dog evil?" and Dave said, "That is his name". Of course Dave would think that's the dog's name… Evil didn't seem to bad and was relatively well behaved, but he stank really bad. Dave says he couldn't smell Evil, but I'm starting to think that was just to keep the dog in the office. Heading back to IT, I was happy that Dave found a friend. I was worried, but happy.