Evil Booty
I asked my friend Sean (@NerdyPictures) to rush me back a Dr. Evil shot I could use for my "LASER" Away promotion and omfg am I glad I did! This photo is hysterical to me!!!
Somehow Sean always manages to make my legs look super long even though I'm like 5'2" on a good day! (He's also the one responsible for February's Bikini Belle print! 🙌) Thanks dude!!! 👍🏻

I know this month's theme is Disney, but I'm thinking of offering this one as a bonus print or mini Print if anyone's interested!

Sending out March's packages on Monday! Just had to wait for Reagan to get back into town to sign the goodies!

I'll be hosting our D&D game tonight on my twitch for anyone who wants to watch! I'll probably stream for a bit beforehand as well!