Evoking the Fire spirit
Sometimes you need an upper hand. Sometimes you just feel a lot of shit hanging around you.  Take you cauldron witch and cleanse that mess off you! 

What you need

- nice spot in nature 

- cauldron ( or old pot )

- spiritus dilutus - 60% or more

- or paper and some sticks to make the fire BURN!

- branch from a pine tree 

- some holy water 

What to do 

1. Take a nice walk to nature and find a spot for your cleansing. It can be anywhere you wish, where are you not seen by other people. I have beautiful forests around my town so I go there. 

2. Make the fire with spiritus ( 300ml of spiritus ) in your pot or cauldron or make the fire in it with sticks/branches and paper. Why just not plain campfire? Well because the cauldron gives you a symbol. Symbol of change and reborn. Pure campfire no. 

3. Chant you a song or start with a prayer ( our fathers ) it is up to you. Call upon your spiritual Deity to help. 

4. Take your branch from a pine tree ( you asked the tree for with a simple prayer and thank you to the spirit of that tree ) and from head to toe cleanse yourself into the fire. Keep praying as you do it. 

5. When you feel good throw your branch into the fire and watch it burn. 

6. Let the fire burn down completely 

7. Meanwhile bless yourself with holy water. You can put it to spray and spray your aura while praying the 23psalm to restore your energy. 

And what with the ashes? I leave them in the forest somewhere where nothing will catch fire. Or when possible I just leave them at place.