the evolution of beans
Finally had a day to this past week to work on gamedev like a true madman. I got a lot done. The beans in Monster Bean Evolution can finally evolve one after another, popping up this fun graphic in the process. 

This is to be my last mobile game. Why? Because nobody buys mobile games. I want to do nothing buy make games and creative works. Money would help me continue to do that. That is the goal. The dream. Mobile games just ain't cutting it, so next up will be PC games. Maybe something more ambitious. We will see.

I have thought about going to Kickstarter to finish Monster Bean Evolution. Not to ask for some heap of money, but for something meager and reasonable. Like say, Fifty dollars and the game is free forever. What do you think? Bad idea? Shameful? I will have you know ahead of time, I have no shame.

If you are a fan of the Tartle RPG Tool and would like to see that app get more attention and support, well then help out. Contribute here on Patreon and reach out to me. I would love to hear from those using the app and enjoying it.

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