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Awesome Huge Cup Noodles!
$1 or more per month

You are the reason for the smile of this cute raccoon cause you
provide us this huge cup noodles that we can all share together to regain our strength and make more awesome stuffs!

Thank you~
Great Box Shelter!
$2 or more per month

You're a great person cause you provide me and red panda a new shelter, and a cookie that we can eat for the rest of the day! I just hope it won't rain tonight~

But still Thank you so much~
Cool Led Balloon!
$3 or more per month

You are a really cool guy! You just provide me and pandy this balloons that will help us to reach new heights! Well not that high but still new heights! And also this steam bun that we will eat during our travel to the top!

Friend of Nature!
$5 or more per month

You are a friend of Nature! Every pandas gather around you cause you release an aura of awesomeness, and even me is drawn to you. We will all be friends together and reach the top of the world! Or at least the top of the trending page.

Thanks you so much~
Majestic War Horse!
$10 or more per month

YOU ARE REALLY REALLY A MAJESTIC IN EVERY INCH OF WHOLE YOU! You provide men raccoon, red panda, and pandy this majestic war horse that we will all try ride to victory in this war to dominate the world! Or at least reach the Feature page on webtoons!

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