Ex-SEAL Sniper on Why Shooting Back at Vegas Attacker Isn't Realistic
...But Brandon Webb, a former SEAL sniper school instructor who literally wrote the book on modern sniping, said in this particular instance, only a high-powered rifle could cover the distance -- a handgun is only effective to about 80 feet, he said -- and the marksman would have to really know what he was doing. Even if a "good guy" with a high-powered rifle had been around, Webb said there would still be a concern about the bullet path.

"Where the bullet goes after it hits or missed the shooter," he explained in an email. "You'd endanger a lot of hotel guests and need an extremely accurate marksman to make that shot with the high angles and wind."

FULL STORY: https://codeanddagger.com/news/2017/10/5/ex-seal-sniper-on-why-shooting-back-at-vegas-attacker-isnt-realistic

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