An example of my work
I wanted to share an example of my work so you can  better decide if you wish to support me. This poem is indicative of many of themes I work with: trauma, the importance and influence of place, and the perception and reality of survival: 



look: night overwhelmed

war dead resurrected

sit down hard honey-polished pews:

st. nicholas’ rc church on 13th street 

rent & rent again, dismemberment

body wonder at what it may do

to itself & others: all dark does

is mutter in the nave

waxy easter lilies still alive

breathing christ-white 

moon-hollowed light down through

carved glass:

make new saints

for busy city outskirts

across the river & dreaming

of what hurt turns you into

of what war turns you into

of who war has turned;

look at the dead they wait,

patient, in the incense-shrouded

night for that high golden call:

o civilians assume

if you come back it means you survived

but it doesn’t meant that at all. 

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