Example of Patron-Only posts!
It's cool that you've decided to check out my page! I greatly appreciate your time that you've spent reading what I've got to offer for my patrons. This, pictured above, is an already compleated piece I've posted in DeviantArt  and had posted this same image in my personal Facebook. 

My patrons will have the ability to see what I've got in progress in my workflow and, depending on your level of patronage, will also be able to download a PSD file of each layer showing each completed step of my process. Soon, after I've gotten more interested fans, I will also provide videos showing my process, and maybe even tutorial videos! 

Some patrons will also have access to the posts about my major projects, which are not limited to comic strips, game art (Arcane Insurrection posts will come as soon as I've got some substance!), and even plush making! They will also have access to private streams while I'm working on these major projects. Most other streams are public for all at my Picarto  channel.

When convention season is back on, some patrons can have a chance to meet with me before I get to the show! I always announce publicly which conventions I will be attending, most are restricted to the Low Country area of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, and the Outer Banks area of North Carolina.

Can't make it to the show? That's totally fine! I also offer "Tea With Haruko" as a monthly interview for the same patrons who are of the tier to meet with me personally at the conventions. It's not the same as face-to-face, but I do want my patrons to know I appreciate them!

So, if you'd like to see more posts like this one, become a patron today! Because of my other job, my updates are usually bi-weekly.