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All Patreon's will gain access to my sketches, works in progress and any other artwork I normally don't post online anywhere else. Here are some examples. This post is a series of sketches I never released of a GURPS tabletop character I have. Soft-paw was a canine intolerant (read: racist) bully of a feline, but was excellent at her career in theft and was great friends with a giant croc name Karnth. Some of the character's personal struggles were to overcome her hate for dogs and to be more friendly. The party healer was a canine. (Never upset the healer) In the first image is Softy receiving a "sulfur stick" as a reward for her acrobatic performance at a wedding by the lord of the castle. He wasn't very generous. The second is her checking up on Karnth after he was knocked unconscious in a fight between him and about 15 guards. The third is the quickly made character sheet.
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