Excerpt from the coming book, "The Happiest Planet in the Galaxy"
The following is an unedited first draft passage.  This book will be self-help told in a science fiction setting.  

The Happiest Planet in the Galaxy

Welcome to galaxy archive fde4:6a8d:6685::/48.

I am Aquon your personal history liaison.  I will guide you through the history, thoughts and memories of the planet called Ryn, in your language.  

Ryn was widely considered to be the the home to the happiest populace in the sentient galaxy.  Having been extinct for millions of Earth rotations, we have been fortunate to have complete records discovered by the prominent Martian archaeologist, Professor Phobos. Knowing their civilization was doomed, the artists of the planet solicited their great scientists to created a 5th dimensional construct to be discovered by another advanced people one day.  They hoped to be able to spread the secret of their happiness to other parts of the universe so that peace would reign over conflict.  

Please say “yes” if you wish to continue with this archive.

Thank you.  

My default setting is to tell you the abridged version of this history as million human lifetimes would not be enough to listen to the archive in it’s entirety.  

We will focus on the entity thought to have been the progenitor of Ryn’s philosophy of the mind body connection.  His story is one of collapse to eventual resurrection.  We will call him Iehot, the closest pronunciation a human can assimilate with the Ryn’s prevalent language. 

Ryn was never a planet at war, nonetheless the planet had suffered from geological instability for several millennia prior to Iehot’s birthing.  The dominant species of Ryn managed to survive during this time however the toll on their collective minds was heavy.  Fear reigned planetwide amongst the 10 billion indigenous peoples. Fear that death was always a tremor away.  Happiness became a fleeting experience in the lives of the Rynians.