The Exciting Future of Sketch Comedy
Hey, guys. In the next couple weeks we're gonna be rolling out some New Sketch Comedy things! I am excited to  finally get this stuff off the ground.
  • Comics for the Masses: Starting next Monday, 2/20, I'll begin posting comics again to the Sketch Comedy website. The plan for the present is to post a comic every first and third Monday of the month. Your support is providing comics not only for you, but also for anyone who's still a Sketch Comedy fan after over three years of nominal activity at best on the SC site!
  • Color: In March, we'll begin rolling out color comics thanks to the rad colorist skills of Brian Russell! Milestone goals have been adjusted, but you don't have to increase your pledge at all to enjoy the magic of full color. We're bringing you more value for your pledge!
  • Lighting the Rim on Fire: I haven't forgotten my promise. One way or another I will do this. Even if I have to purchase and torch a NERF mini-hoop, I will keep my word to you.

I love all of you! Remember to tell your friends, enemies, and total strangers about Sketch Comedy!

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