Exciting new things! Estrella Cosma clans!
Okay guys, I'm a little later than expected and I have to get up in a couple of hours for work but... I did promise a surprise. I have designed these special cosmic fluffs for a reason and that reason is to help me give you daily insight. Each of these fluffs are made of different parts of our cosmic makeup. There is spirit, mind, body, and heart. You can look at it however you like, but soon these cosmic fluffs will be giving you daily insight.

In the world of Cosmic Fluffs, Estrella Cosma, there are four clans. Each of these fluffs represent one of those clans.

* Wanderers is the clan that rules desire, passion, and spirit.
* Espada is the clan that rules the mind and power of thought.
* Pentaclyss is the clan that rules all of the material, physical world.
* And last but not least, Chalicius rules emotions and power of heart.

What clan do you resonate best with? Please follow my Patreon for exclusive content! Thank you for sticking around and please tell others about Cosmic Fluffs! Goodnight everyone, stay cosmically fluffy!
Cosmically yours,