Exciting News!
I am very happy to announce some exciting news! My art piece 'I Don't Want To Lose You' has been chosen to be a part of a central London art exhibition in aid of the Green Party of England and Wales.

The piece, which I created thanks to the kind support of my Patrons, was a personal art piece in response to the EU Referendum. The Green Party felt that it is "an excellent piece that really encapsulates how so many people feel about this whole catastrophe" and I am so proud that it was chosen for the exhibit. 

Here is a little more information about the event. They are still collecting art from a variety of different artists from around the country and also taking open submissions until the end of the month. 

'Green Creates…’ - an art exhibition celebrating creativity and ‘Green Voices’ from around the UK and around the world.

The exhibition is open between 18th and 24th of October and anyone is welcome to come along. There will also be film nights, gigs & DJs, kids arts workshop and more.

It’s free entry, but with a suggested donation of £5.

We’re currently seeking high-profile artists to donate works that will attract collectors and art appreciators, from both within the party and the general public. Contributions are already coming in from artists as diverse as Ralph Steadman, Lesley Hilling and Tom Gauld.

'Green Creates…' will feature 50 stunning works of art on the theme of ‘Green Voices’. There are no restrictions as to style, format or material. We want pieces that celebrate ‘Green Voices’, whatever the artists’ interpretation of the theme may be: green social policy, the environment or the beauty of nature.

I will be creating an exclusive large canvas print for the charity auction, which will have the added bonus of hand painted embellishments to make it a truly one-of -a-kind piece. This is the first London exhibition of my work that I will actually be able to attend (having exhibited for 'Red Bull' and 'La Gioconda' in the past) and I am very excited.

Thank you to each and every one of my Patrons for their support and subscriptions. I would not be able to afford the time to spend on personal pieces such as this if it weren't for you.