EXCITING NEWS: Asian Goth Punks Rule the World!
I'm so excited to announce that I'll be joining the Razorcake family with my brand-spanking-new queer-goth-punk-eighties comic strip, ASIAN GOTH PUNKS RULE THE WORLD!

You might recognize these characters from my Instagram feed , where I've been posting process pics since February 2016. Yeah, this comic has been a long time in the making, and I'm thrilled that it's found such a wonderful home.

The first in the series will appear in Razorcake Issue #98, which you can find at various awesome bookstores and such around the world, or you can subscribe to it here: http://razorcake.org/subscribe-to-the-zine/

Orrrrrr if you're a level-$5-or-higher patron of mine, you can see it right here in tandem with the print release. This is the ONLY place the comic will appear online, so sign up if you want a little more queer/punk/death rock in your inbox.