Exciting news about the growth of the channel!
Hey Everyone!

I'm really excited to announce (as my Patrons may already know) that we have moved to a PC setup!

What does this mean?

More everything! More games, more streams, more YouTube, more content, more variety! And importantly, more rewards.

Soon™ I will be revamping the Patron rewards to give you all a little more exclusive access to future content and exclusive video / tutorials in thanks for your continued support.

I cannot thank you all enough for your support of my passion for entertaining as a profession.

I mean this very sincerely, YOU, my Patrons and Viewers, made this growth explicitly possible. You are an incredible audience and community.

I strive to provide entertainment either in the high octane laughs or the very laid back late night streams, and I am so incredibly appreciative that you find value in that full package.

The goal is to grow this with Shows (DnD, Podcast), TwitchCreative (Art, Stories, etc) and YouTube.

With your support you have opened doors to corporate sponsorship, events, and other opportunities that will fuel the stream and the work I am doing.I can never thank you enough for how you fuel my passion, but I hope to try.

Thank you for being you, and being a part of my journey.

Truly your humble Clown Fiesta,

Chewydon "Kyle" Donchewy