Exciting things ahead!
Good day, my lovelies! I have just taken a delightful journey around Hobby Lobby to restock and replace some of my beloved oil painting supplies- just for you all. I am going to be delving brush first into creating some major scenery for Beneath the Faerie Tree this month. You lot are going to be lucky enough to get some sneak peeks at the process! On the agenda first will be the Faerie Tree itself, as mentioned in the prologue ( the draft can found on my Wattpad as linked in my profile) of the novel. This ancient and gnarled, but beautiful willow is hidden away in a peaceful clearing not far from a small village called Summerhold Keep. Legends say it was once used by the Sidhe, themselves, as a Faerie execution ground on the Terran plane. It's trunk is carved in the runes of a tongue long forgotten by the mortal denizens of Bailann. Now, it is said to be one of the few places left connecting the Terrestrial lands to the realm of the True Fae. The next in this line of paintings will be the Emerald Mountain. This lone peak, in the hilly lands of the Dehnaeli Empire, houses the temple dedicated to the second of all the Elder Ones- the Dragon Eldrehel. It is also referred to as Eldrehel's Keep and locals revere the entire mountain and surrounding land as sacred. The journey from the nearest housing to the temple entrance is nearly 7 hours by horse back and is one of the longest pilgrimages the Faithful take once they reach an Elder One's Chosen City. So, I hope you're as excited as I am about this little venture! Become a Patron to find out more, and I'll see you tomorrow with our very first Lore article!!