Exciting Times Ahead - General Blog
So apart from suffering with a touch of man flu and dealing with that over the weekend it not been a bad weekend in all. Currently I am playing a fair amount of Neverwinter which for a free game is excellent so much fun and we have a guild going as part of Stella's website called S2 Dragon Hunters which is good fun. We are in the process of saving our guild bank. I have been doing some racing too, this Sunday we had a BRZ vs GT86 race, look up for a race report soon, which was good fun. I struggled a little with the car but more about that in the race report. This week we have the mighty V8's for the Holden and the Ford which I am really looking forward to. Also this week I am off Donington again for the 2nd leg of BTCC which should be good fun, I just hope the weather holds out. I will try and get some footage from this if I can but look out for tweets from me throughout the event with updates and pictures when I can @corn_wolf There have been a lot of games announced recently which is awesome. Look out for a video on this but lets check them out: Guitar Hero Live: The latest edition to the classic game from the 360 and PS3. I do like these games however towards there retirement a f ew years back they got a little silly with the whole band thing and the solos etc. I like the idea of the band thing but it was a pain when trying to get all your mates round and set it up etc,. It's nice to see this back with a six button guitar which is split in to (ign have a video on this) so I am looking forward to getting my hands on that. Lego Dimentions: Now this looks great I have always been a Lego fan but not managed to play all the games but this looks great as it's a combination of the games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. You build the portal yourself and then put the characters on it but its all about mixing things up so you could have Indiana Jones in Gotham City etc sounds like good fun to me. Deus Ex Human Revolution: This looks like it could be good. I have been a fan of the series since the 90's when it was first released, what this one is going to be like I have no idea but it looks like its following on for the previous game which was good but had a few flaws which reminds me..... I should really complete this games. I think this about rounds up this blog of this week. What you looking forward too? I have I missed any games off that have been announced? See you all soon.