Exciting addition to the Perpetual Patreon offerings-
I have been saying for a while, that the more I receive in donations, the more I can put into Perpetual Chess, and I am happy to report that I can finally offer something tangible as a token of my gratitude to you, my supporters. 😀

If you heard my interview with chess book seller Fred Wilson, you probably heard him mention his old show,  "Chess and Books with Fred Wilson".  These interviews took place between 2002-2008, and provide an interesting window into chess history. On his show he interviewed chess heavyweights like  Maurice Ashley, Joel Benjamin and Bruce Pandolfini, as well as deceased chess luminaries like GM Mark Dvoretsky, Arthur Bisguier and IM Victor Frias.  These interviews were previously unavailable online, but I have come to an agreement with Fred Wilson to share the archives of his old interviews exclusively with Perpetual Chess Patreon supporters. You will be able to download it or stream it at your computer. 

Anyone who donates $3.50 per month or more will be able to listen to the catalog of around 100 interviews from Fred's archive. I will be posting about 1 interview per week,  for the next two years until all of the interviews have been published on the site. After 2 years, the archives may stay here or they may vanish, so enjoy it while you can. :) 

Other things to know:

- You may notice that I have revamped and renamed the Patreon tiers. Rest assured, that benefits have only been added, not taken away. If you have been at the $2 tier and would like to access Fred Wilson's old interviews I humbly ask that you kick in another $1.50 a month to do so- I did spend some money to make these available.  Whatever amount it is that you donate, I still GREATLY appreciate your support and want to reiterate that no perk is being taken away from existing supporters, and that this won't effect the actual podcast in any way.  

- There will be no editing on what I post from Fred's archive, and the audio quality is generally decent, but not great. - I will try to provide a timestamp of when the interview begins in a given episode when I post it, but other than that I will post them "as is." 

- Within the next few weeks I will post one of Fred's old interviews on the Perpetual Chess podcast feed, so that anyone who is curious about them can get a taste what they are like. 

Lastly I just want to say thanks again for all of your support. Tomorrow is the 100th episode of Perpetual Chess , and I feel very privileged to get paid a bit to talk chess. 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🖖

Note on 11/13/2018- I edited this post to correct what I'd previously said- there is no Fred Wilson interview with Nakamura to share, but there are many other great ones. Sorry for the misrepresentation- Ben