An Exciting Update!
Great news, everyone! (Futurama reference, I hope you got it.)

Thanks to the number of patrons I have now, I will be able to get new audio recording equipment in the beginning of June! Before, I'd been borrowing a friend's equipment and using a free recording studio in Atlanta when I was able, but this made it very difficult and meant I was working on other people's schedules for any interviews I wanted to record for the podcast. And since coming to DC, I haven't been able to record any new podcast episodes because I haven't had access to any equipment. But now, thank to the lovely new patrons who joined this month and the dedicated ones who have been with me longer, I will be receiving enough money this upcoming month to buy used equipment and continue doing in-person interviews for the podcast and bonus Patreon content. 

This also means that next month (we receive the payment from Patreon at the first of every month, thus I have to wait from month-to-month sometimes to use it) I will be able to pay someone to transcribe all episodes of the Groundings Podcast! I am very excited for this, because I have a publisher who has reached out and expressed interest in publishing the transcribed and edited version of each episode into a print collection of essays.

Anyways, I'm typing this from work on my lunch break and am running out of time, but wanted to give you all that wonderful news. AND let you know that I have a bonus, patron-only podcast episode coming your way in the next 48 hours. ;)