Exclusive 0.4.0 Version
It's finally out. I admit it, I've tried to bite more than I could chew on this one and I ended up delaying it way too much, I apologize, not gonna hide behind a bunch of empty excuses, I'll try to set more realistic goals in the future.

On the plus side, there's quite some new stuff for you to enjoy and for me to play with in future releases.

As always, remember to paste the old save files in the root folder for them to work. 


0.4.1 Hotfix thanks to community feedback

Thanks to Bailey Nelson:

  • "Cancel Button" on the Corruption Path message should now work as intended
  • You can no longer get the new Kate scene unless you've previously met Kate


 Download Link: AoH_0.4.1_ExclusiveVersion 

0.4.0 Patch Notes

- Technical information

· Version: 0.4.0

· Weight: 2.09GB

· Weight Packed: 700MB

- General

· Character Actions implemented. There are now characters around the map which you can interact with (only General Miller for now). They may have scenes or duties available.

· Duties System. Characters may now have the possibility to give duties to the character. Once a duty is accepted a new forced action will appear on the map which must be completely in order to advance.

· Message System. There’s now a prompt message system for the game to give relevant information to the player when needed.

· New Scenarios: Gents Club, Agency Penthouse.

· New Character: Tatsuro Maeda, Cat and a bunch of secondary ones.

- Content

· Day3 and Day4 are now playable.

· A whole bunch of new scenes.

· New outfits for Nat

· New additional branching system

- Features

· Conditioned Decisions. Decisions during the game may now be conditioned to circumstances. For now only one has been implemented and it is stat based, but the system allows for branching, characters met, scenes seen, etc.

· Corruption path unlocked. Depending on your decisions you may be prompted with the possibility to start the corruption path. It’s not mandatory nor conditioning, you will be asked every morning as long as you meet the requirements for it. If you decide to follow it you’ll stick with it until requirements for another path are met (not yet implemented).

- Community Feedback

· Save Date has been added to identify save files

· Characters and Duties have now a GUI much more similar to the rest of the gameplay. They show only the active scene or duty at the moment instead of the whole list.

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