Exclusive Coming!
Hey Patrons!

Jewels requested that this be a High Resolution Download for Patreon supporters and I just had to oblige!

I love when I get suggestions from you guys of what you want and what you would like to have as rewards. I am always pleased to provide if I am able!

The next few weeks will be slim for what I am able to post and it is all for a very VERY good reason - we are so close to getting on the road!

Look for a new post (private) after this one for patrons only. That will have your download of the above image with no watermark. You will also have print permission you can print if you need to show tot he printing company.

Kraaft It LIVE! upcoming news - (in case you missed it)  
#1 - Today was our final Watercolor Paint Along episode.
#2 - NO SHOW next week, or the week after.
#3 - The only episodes in September will be the 12th & 19th
#4 - October is iffy - we are trying to figure out EXACTLY how to do the show in the motorhome. Stay tuned!!!
#5 - Kraaft It LIVE! will be coming to a city near you soon!!!!! 

Thanks for your awesome support and I will be posting as I can to share each step of this adventure with you!