Exclusive demo: Curly fur with colored pencil
(2nd try posting. Somehow the video didn't work)

Hey everyone! I was watching the Eurovision song contest when I suddenly realized I didn't post this video yet! I filmed about 15 minutes of me working on this commissioned portrait of Dana the English Cocker spaniel. Here you can see me building up some of her curly fur on the ear and the neck. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Canson 1557 paper, 180 grams

Faber Castell polychromos(cool light grey, burnt sienna, walnut brown, mortuum violet, dark indigo, black)

Caran D'ache luminance(white, for blending/burnishing)

I build up colored pencil drawings in many layers. First I start marking in the shadows with brown or black, very lightly. Then I put in a base layer of grey or brown. I go over and over, making the area darker everytime but leaving some hair strokes lighter to give the effect of individual hairs within the curl. Then I burnish the pencil into the paper with white or light grey. Then to bring back the saturation again I go over once or twice with black, indigo or brown. I have tried to use as many colours as possible to create a lively portrait.