Exclusive Content Every Day In December
Yes, you read that right! Things just got real! 

 (I had to insert the hyperbole so you'd heed my words)

Beginning December 1st and running through 2017 (and maybe beyond if it works out nicely) I will be posting something new each day. Exclusively on my Patreon page. 

A few things you can look forward to:

December 1st - Dying Days YA novella chapter 12

December 8th - another Creeping Death short story

December 15th - Necromance chapter 4

December 22nd - a Dying Days short story you probably missed

December 29th - short story from back in the day

Mixed in with all of those stories will be a few other short stories, including some of my early fantasy shorts now out of print, older interviews collected, blog posts no longer up anywhere, incomplete short stories, flash fiction, some videos about anything I want, maybe some exclusive Arm Cast Podcast stuff... in short, all 31 days in December will have something unique from me! 

You can read and see all of it for $1 but make sure you get it in early so you don't miss a thing! 

This is a once in a lifetime event!

(that was more hyperbole)