Exclusive: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, Here
By Matthew  Russell Lee, Exclusive Series

UNITED NATIONS,  May 4 – While the UN Security Council visited Cameroon during the 94 day  Internet cut off and said nothing publicly about it, Inner City Press  has obtained and is exclusively publishing on Patreon Cameroon's "Urgent  and Confidential" letter to the UN Security Council, about weapons. It  lists Chinese weapons, helicopters and more, to be repatriated to CAR.  

This comes amid reports that armaments Cameroon got ostensibly to fight  Boko Haram have been spotted in the Anglophone regions. On May 2 when  Inner City Press told the UN's spokesman Stephane Dujarric that it had a  question on Cameroon, he walked off the podium, as he has done before.  He and the UN Department of Public Information, whose Cameroon  mis-information is profiled below, worked together to evict and still restrict Inner  City Press. 

The spin of the Francophone Cameroon government of Paul  Biya has now reached the UN Security Council, or at least its media  stakeout area. As Inner City Press asked questions at the stakeout on  April 28, and telling Morocco's hatchet-man Ambassador that on  decolonization Inner City Press errs on the side of the underdogs, video here,  Cameroon's Ambassador Tommo Monthe approached. He handed two documents  to Inner City Press: a chart of "actions taken by the Government  following concerns raised by Cameroon Anglophone teaches and lawyers,"  and a press release mis-spelled "Realease." Inner City Press has put  both online on Patreon, here

 On May 1, Inner City Press asked the UN's holdover spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here:  Inner City Press: I wanted to ask you a Cameroon question.  Over the  most recent weekend, there was a guy, Awah Romeo, beaten to death by the  police.  And there’s footage of it.  And I’m just sort of wondering,  what’s the follow-up of that mission by François Louncény Fall, he said  he’s coming back at some other date but…

Spokesman:  Right.  He said I think he was coming back… [inaudible] I  think he was coming back in May, which is this month, and I have no  doubt his office is following the situation.

Inner City Press:  Because the Cameroonian Mission here is now using his statement as sort  of to say everything is great.  I was handed just now…

Spokesman:  That’s… I mean, I think everybody’s free to interpret… I  think Mr. Louncény Fall’s statement was fairly clear in what he felt the  situation was and what he felt needed to be done.

  Tellingly,  behind the "Realease" which tries to justify the cutting off the  Internet for more than 90 days is the UN's own press release praising  Paul Biya for belatedly "instructing that internet service be fully  restored" and urging "avoiding the use of the Internet to incite hatred  or violence" - precisely Biya's pretext. To this has the UN sunk. The  day after                                           Biya    government belatedly restored    the Internet he cut in the two                                           Anglophone regions of the country, on April 21 Inner City Press asked long time      Cameroonian Ambassador to the UN Tommo Monthe about it.                                           Monthe, set to chair the UN's  Fifth (Budget) Committee next                                           year, told Inner City Press "the scissors are in our hands... we will cut it" if it                                           is used not only for so-called hate speech but for secession                                           talk of any kind. For exclusive audio click here