Exclusive monthly newsletter idea
Now that theALD STEM resources database is up and running, and slowly growing as we add new records, I'm exploring the idea of producing new monthly content for Patreon patrons. We are now up to $250 pledged per month, and I'm very keen to grow our Patreon community by producing exclusive content that will attract new members.

The obvious sorts of things we could provide would be:

  • Short profiles of women in STEM
  • Links to articles about women in STEM
  • Information about organisations that support women in STEM
  • Links to relevant media and studies
  • Links to educational resources
  • Links to funding sources

Whilst we already have a free monthly newsletter, it's mostly about our own work, such as ALD Live!, indie ALD events, and our podcast.

This new Patreon newsletter would be exclusive to you, and would be focused more on meeting your needs. So I'd love to hear from you what your needs are, and what you would be interested in learning more about! Please do leave a comment below and let me know what you would find valuable.