exclusive merch 1: duality shirt

here's the first exclusive merch item. i will be taking pre-orders by private message all of may for a reprint of the first ritualz shirt ever. black print on white shirt (it will look nicer than the pic, that shirt is 9 years old!). this is for patrons only! i will only print as many as are ordered, minimum of 20. if i don't get 20 orders i can't print the shirt as that's the minimum i can get from the printer, so help spread the word please. price is $17 + shipping ($10 to usa and canada/$15 to europe and central and south america/$5 to mexico) you will need a paypal account to order.

remember all the money from this patreon goes to fund mixing, mastering, art, design, videos, etc for future releases and there's one coming very soon!

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