Exclusive Updates On Ælemental
October marks the month in which I re-release the 1st book of Ælemental, titled 'The Life Tree Discovery.' The preliminary version is already available on Amazon Kindle since 2015, but it still needed editing at the time. Also, I want to release it in print-on-demand hardcopy, with added illustrations, a new cover, terminology list and a secret code, which would reveal secrets about the second book.

This young adult adventure novel is part of, what I call, an eco-fantasy series, in that serious topics, such as deforestation and corporate corruption will go hand-in-hand with a coming-of-age story, where a boy needs to redefine what family means to him. Simon, the protagonist, must travel across several continents in order to find his kidnapped sister, Sally, while being hunted by a seemingly scrupulous CEO and set upon by nightmarish reality-defying creatures.

I wanted to redefine what a young adult fantasy series could be so it could transcend the legacy of Harry Potter, Twilight and the Hunger Games. Something that, at the same time, would bind all of those fantasy 'sub-genres' together with a logical explanation. Ælemental is that series. And because it will also deal with prejudice and global, social, and environmental issues I think it fits within the goals I set out here to meet at Patreon.

If you become a patron then you will have exclusive, first access to the illustrations of the 1st book and excerpts from the 2nd and consecutive books as they come out in the near future. So, strap in and enjoy the magical journeys around the globe with Simon and Sally Spangenberg and the many friends and enemies they will make along the way.