Exclusive Tings!
m grateful for my supporters. As I began a new life as a Steiner teacher I thought I might stop being a creative and did not want to make promises to Patrons I might not keep. However after a year working with children it has become apparent that I am addicted to creativity, addicted to writing and performing and even activism as I am compelled to make the world a better place. I want to make the world a better place, to educate and entertain. I'm going to do it anyway but I'll spread more information, more love and more music if I'm financially stable. I can also afford better equipment and afford to promote more with more financial backing. For that I need to make it worth your while. So I am completing a free EP and digital poetry book just for my Patrons and Patreon subscribers. I'm still getting used to this format but it's hopefully going to be the first place to get anything from me, but this EP will definitely be here first. The plan is to release it for Autumn Equinox this year in 3 weeks. The rest of the world will probably have to wait until winter.