Exclusive Works in Progress: "Tracy Queen," Issue 2, pgs. 7 & 8
This week, our fearless co-founder and amazing resident artist, Jayel Draco, made two all-new pages for the second issue of Tracy Queen, our empowering graphic novel about a woman who leaves a life of organized crime to pursue her dreams of sexual performance...and make an army of cyborg-clones along the way. Cause why not, amirite?

On these pages, Tracy's transformation from mob boss to liberated woman continues when she discovers her grandfather's goons hiding some "merchandise" in the warehouse... When that "merchandise" turns out to be human beings, Tracy loses her cool...and shows off her buns. Aren't they glorious?

Sign in to this week's live-streams on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, while Jayel will begin work on an all-new short comic set in the fantasy world of Children of Gaia! You won't want to miss this one!