Exclusives for EVERYONE!
Coming up in (late) Novemeber I will be launching my new podcast, primarily a video podcast setting on Youtube. With audio versions on iTunes and Souncloud planned as well. The Patreon folks helped to fund this show and I'm very excited to work on it with you guys and develop it into something great! Lots of guests, patrons included!

But today I want to announce that the Podcasts will be in the hands of ALL Patrons no matter how much you fund ONE WEEK EARLY! Every single week Patrons will be able to watch the video podcast before anyone else! This is as a special thank you to those who helped fund this new endeavor!

And for newcomers, of course anyone can get access to the podcasts early by being a Patron at the $1 tier or higher. I'm so very excited to get this show on the road!

Thanks again for all your support, folks. <3