EXLCOM - Tourguide Overview
EXLCOM site: http://exlcom.jimdo.com/

In this video I will be taking a look at EXCELCOM - an XCOM clone made entirely in EXCEL (which is a feat akin to sorcery in my eyes :) ). I will be playing the game, and learning the basic mechanics with the game developer.

To quote the project site: "EXLCOM is a fan-made game inspired by the XCOM-series and coded completely in Microsoft Excel. It features many of the great mechanics of the originals, like the turn-based tile combat, while also expanding on the concept by adding in custom game modes, a full-fledged leveleditor, a unique campaign, and a ton of replayability through randomly generated maps and missions."

Music by: Jason [email protected] audionautix.com (Destination Unknown)