EXO Chanyeol Got A New Tattoo for EXO-L

Looks like an ordinary #OOTD picture right? But if you are an EXO-L, you will immediately notice something. Let's find out!

There you go guys. This picture revealed a portion Chanyeol's new tattoo. We can only see the numbers 485. There were speculations that his tattoo is for EXO-L.

EXO's fandom EXO-L was established on August 5, 2014. 

The fans speculated that Chanyeol's new tattoo is referring to L-1485,
which can be found also in their Ko Ko Bop Music Video.

I've read some comments about this issue. Here are some of it:

These are the tattoos of EXO Chanyeol before. Some of it can be erased though.

What do you think about this new tattoo of EXO Chanyeol? Leave some comments down below.