Expandable BuildBuy Catalog - Dream Home Decorator Update

UPDATE: If auto-sofa is missing for you, re-download.
Again, if you're using Better BuildBuy do NOT install this as well.

Today's patch caused visual issues with Expandable Catalog. I've updated the download to correct this. Please update immediately.
NOTE: If you're opting to use Better BuildBuy instead, you do not need to install this. In fact, installing this will break both mods as they conflict. This mod is for those who don't want the other features that come with BBB.

Original Release Text

This is actually small piece of Project Raven. People saw it in my TOOL tutorial and it seemed to be in demand so I've decided to release early as a standalone mod. 🙂

Quick Start:

To use, simply hit the Tilde (~) key to toggle expansion.
If you don't have a tilde key or it's not working, you can use the 1 key instead (not the keypad).

Install Instructions:
Open the zip below and drag the .package file to your mods folder.
(subfolders allowed)
Make sure mods are on in your gameplay options.

Thanks to all of my patrons, both existing and new, the support has been incredible and I can't say enough how much truly I appreciate it!

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