Expedition near Pyramiden, Svalbard
Doing that image was kinda a PITA but also was fun doing it. I needed some vehicles with chains, like the bigger snow vehicles used on expedition but I wasn´t able to find one - so I built one by myself. Ripped apart a tank in my content library and kitbashed it on the Titan Rover as well as the Trailers. I think it looks pretty good for a kitbash.

In the storyline I am working on there are several so called hotspots in the whole world. One of these hotspots is on Svalbard as well as in the Ant-Acticate, so I guess these vehicles should fit there very well.

Explanation text for the page here on Facebook is a bit different than my blahblah here :)

"Traces on an artefact found in ancient ruins in south america lead us near Pyramiden, a deserted city on Svalbard, a norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The image shows the location of our last stop before we are heading to the X on the map. We all are very excited!"

Hope you like it and thank you for your feedback/comments and

your support! :) Thank you!

Cheers! :)