Expedition: Vikings - Brothers of True Metal! - Part 6
Welcome back to the Halls of Valhalla ... Brothers of True Metal unite under the Gods of War ... and basically the rest of  Manowar's lyrics as well ...

* Create your very own Viking chieftain! Carve out your character from our unique character system, where stats, skills, and abilities define your character’s role.

* Raiding or Trading? Vikings were known not only as violent warriors, but savvy tradesfolk. How will you find wealth, with the carrot or the stick?

* War and Politics: Side with various factions be they Norsemen, Picts, or Angles. 

* Reputation: Be mindful of your choices, the stories of your actions may bring others to fear you, but will they trust you?

* Step into the pages of history: In a beautiful and visceral telling of the Nordic history.

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