Experience with Donkey Kong Country
Experience fact sheet:

First version I played:Game Boy Advance

Date of when I first played this game:June 10th 2003 

First exposure to SNES version footage:Youtube - 2006

Owning a physical copy: 2015

Gameboy Color:

N/A to Youtube

Owning a physical copy: 2016 

General thoughts on changes.

All of my CHANGES videos so far have been focusing on either Mario or Zelda.  Hopefully the next one will break the mold and dig into newer franchises.

The DKC Trilogy is an important one and funnily enough it came out after Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Sega's last entry to the Golden trilogy).  

The first game saved the system and won the 16-bit console war, eventually a demake came out for Game Boy Color in late 2000/early 2001 in Japan. It had a sound fx engine similar to Game Boy's Donkey Kong Land series and so most of the advanced features were toned down.  Interestingly it's the only version to have a level called Necky's Nutmare which only appears in World 6 aka Chimp Caverns. 

A more visually faithful attempt was done in just under 3 years for the Game Boy Advance. Fortunately it had the power to do what the SNES version can do, unfortunately due to the lack of a backlight (not counting SP and Micro), the game's brightness was increased by a notable notch to prevent the game from being unplayable on regular models

.Notable changes were made including:

Requirement for 101%

Sound effects

TNT explosion effect

Boss patterns  and Cutscenes.