An Experimental Change?
Patrons and pets, it feels like the $5 tier just isn't working out. There aren't enough people to make a live AMA really worthwhile for anyone, but I still want to try and do something with the concept.

I attempted a basic AMA and got a couple of questions, and while that was momentarily enjoyable, I think something greater's really required for what I'd like to do.

Let's try this. Until the end of the month, if anyone out there has a question they'd like me to answer, send it my way. I'll answer those questions on video, and share that with everyone in the $5 tier and up.

Not up for supporting at that level yet? No trouble, I'll transcribe the video and you can still read your answer. Hopefully this should create something interesting for everybody.

Thank you for your interest and support. I may have the urge to smear each one of you like an insect under my shoe, but I promise, it comes from a place of love.