Experimental Accountability Hour for $11/month Members
As an appreciation for our two $11/month Participating Tribe Members, I have agreed to do at least one "Get-It-Done" accountability session via Zoom video next Thursday February 23rd at 8:00am PT for 45 minutes. This is part of the Golden Hour Practice about which I will be sharing more in the future.

This kind of session is something that I envisioned as part of the $47/month level. We will see how it goes as an offer at this level. This is an experiment. I'm into being part of this myself. I will benefit too. And, I want to grow the "seed" of the commitment of our initial Participating Tribe Members.

We will meet via Zoom video Thursday February 23rd at 8:00am PT for 45 minutes. At the beginning, we will declare our accountability for what we have chosen to focus on. We will then each do some kind of marketing activity for 35-40 minutes and then close with a quick share from each of us about how we did in moving things forward for our business or organization.

Any one who joins this Patreon Tribe at the $11/month or above level is welcome to join us. I will send the Zoom link to any and all Tribe members at $11/month or above.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me via http://www.combridges.com/contact 


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