Expires on September 01
August is about to step off so that September can take over. Consequently some things will be in the back mirror in order to make room for the new. I'm writing this little post to make sure you don't miss out. Especially all the new folks.

So here is the Heads-up on what is about to expire

1.  The Etsy coupon.  Good on everything on the store and can be used more then once.


Good for 50% off Store-wide and Expires 08/31/2016. For the store: Click HERE

2.   The Purple Loom Giveaway

Ends on 08/31/2016. Remember that each Patreon Patron entry counts for 5 and you can enter everyday until the last day. For the post: Click HERE

3.   A LOVELY patron asked that I write out the Drawstring Cast-on technique and give it to her as a PDF. I did just that and added a few pictures. ( I just love Barb - she has been supporting me since the beginning. Hugs and Kisses Barb!)

You can pick up the PDF on the post dated 06/12/2016 until 09/01/2016

4. The Tiny Doll Pattern

This is my all time favorite pattern but come 09/16 the pattern and video download link will be removed. 

5. The Extra Monthly Pattern for August. 

For those of you with a pledge of $5 or more remember that you can request 1 extra pattern every month from the list of old pattern post.  If you're not quite understanding this benefit - just ask - and I will explain.  Every question is a great question but some folks refuse to ask. Please be the one to ask for those that won't.

Hey ... and thanks for your support !!!!!!! You are so cool to hang with me  - You keep me going - cause way to often I am soooo  booped out - I get ready to shut down and then I remember that you guys are waiting for that monthly pattern and BAM I get that spark of energy! 

Talk to me Loomie .....